101 Real Estate Blog Ideas To Dominate Your Local Search Results


Adding a blog to your real estate website is an excellent tool for providing key information to your clients while bolstering your online engagement. High-quality content, engaging photos and eye-catching taglines are keys to success online.

You’ll want to share content that reflects you and your business, answer questions your clients may have, and provide unique insight into what life is like in your area. But where do you start?

Find Your Voice

As with any service, your agency needs a brand. Will you be sophisticated and suave or approachable and adventurous? Understanding how you want to present yourself is key to nailing down the types of content you post online.

Think of your areas of expertise. Perhaps you excel with design and have a keen knowledge of home staging that is useful to your clients, or maybe you have a history in finance that allows you to give expert insight into the practicalities of homeownership.

Know Your Audience

Real estate is a personal business and getting to know your clientele is an excellent way to understand the type of information they crave. Perhaps your area is a popular location for vacation homes, so your audience might be interested in learning more about secondary homeownership.

Other buyers might want to learn about green living, outdoor designing, or local places to eat, shop and play. Catering to your clientele will help you narrow down the type of content you want to create.

Get Creative

Once you’ve solidified your voice and what interests your audience, it’s time to get writing. Your voice shapes the approach you take to blog posts. Whether you tackle hard-hitting real estate market trends or opt for local histories and playful insights, your audience will impact the type of content you choose.

Provide Helpful Information Even When You Aren’t in the Office

As much as you might like to, you can’t work around the clock. However, your blog will be there to provide the answers and information your clients (and potential clients) need at all times of day and night.

Knowing the importance of real estate blog content is one thing, doing it might be another. The next question is, “what should you write about?” To help you get started, here are real estate blog ideas that will breathe life into your online presence.

Real Estate Blog Posts About Your Local Area

  • Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Events In Your Area
  • Best Restaurants in the Area
  • Where to Grab a Great Cup of Coffee
  • Top Nightlife and Entertainment Venues
  • A Guide to Local Parks
  • Local Business Spotlight
  • Best Kid-Friendly Place to Spend the Day
  • A guide to Staycationing in Your Area
  • X Pet Friendly Places Your Pup Is Sure to Love
  • X Hidden Gems In (Your Area)
  • Your Guide to Property Taxes In (Your Area)
  • A Look at the Local Schools

Blog Topics for Sellers

  • The Benefits of Working with a Realtor to Sell Your Home
  • For Sale By Owner: Can You Sell Your Home Yourself?
  • Finding the Right Realtor: X Questions to Ask
  • Common Pitfalls of Selling a Home and How to Avoid Them
  • Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid
  • Curb Appeal: What It Is and Why It Matters
  • X Affordable Ways to Boost Curb Appeal
  • Easy Home Improvements that Help Sell Your Home
  • Should You Get a Home Inspection Before You Sell?
  • The Importance of Setting the Right price
  • The Home Selling Process: What to Expect
  • Should You Host an Open House
  • How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House
  • Preparing for an Open House When You Have Kids
  • Preparing for an Open House When You Have Pets
  • Tips for Evaluating Offers
  • How to Select An Offer
  • My Home Isn’t Getting Any Offer: X Possible Reasons and What You Can Do

Real Estate Blog Posts for Buyers

  • A First Time Home Buyer’s Guide
  • The Home Buying Process, What to Expect
  • Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent
  • Renting or Buying: Which is Right for You?
  • What is an HOA? Benefits and Drawbacks of Communities with a Homeowner’s Association
  • Signs You’ve Found the Right Home
  • X Essential Things to Check When Viewing Potential Homes
  • X Red Flags to Watch for When Viewing Homes
  • X Reason to Buy a Home This Year
  • Are You Ready to Buy a Home?
  • Hidden Costs of Buying a Home
  • X Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Importance of a Home Inspection
  • What Are Contingencies and Do You Need Them?
  • X Things to Know About Short Sale Listings
  • New Construction vs. Existing Homes: Pros, Cons, and How to Choose
  • Is a Fixer Upper Right For You?
  • Tips for Crafting a Winning Purchase Offer
  • Competing Against Other Buyers: How to win a Bidding War

Blog Topics About Financing

  • Financing a Home 101
  • How To Select a Mortgage Lender
  • What You Need to Qualify for a Home Loan
  • Your Guide to Conventional Mortgage Loans
  • Everything You Need to Know about VA Home Loans
  • X Ways to Improve Your Credit Score (and Boost Your Odds for Mortgage Loan Approval)
  • How Much Do You Really Need for a Down Payment
  • X Tips to Help You Save Up for a Down Payment
  • Mortgage Loans: Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval
  • The Benefits of Getting Pre-Approval for a Mortgage
  • Costs of a Mortgage Loan Beyond the Purchase Price of Your Home
  • What You Need to Know About Refinancing Your Mortgage
  • What Is a Reverse Mortgage

Relocation Blog Topics

  • X Things You Should Know About Relocating Before Buying a House
  • Start Early and Other Essential Packing Tips to Know
  • Should You Hire Movers?
  • Ways to Save Money When You’re Relocating
  • Moving with Kids: How to Make the Process Easier
  • How to Move When You Have Pets
  • Should You Find a Job Before or After You Move?

Homeownership Blog Topic Ideas

  • DIY Home Improvement Projects That Boost Your Home’s Value
  • X Things that Can Actually Decrease the Value of Your Home
  • Turn Your House into a Home with These X Decor Tips
  • Home Maintenance Checklist: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape All Year Long
  • Need Home Repairs? Here’s Who to Call in (Your Area)
  • Landscaping Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Yard
  • Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
  • Simple Tips for Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Blogs Ideas About Listings

  • Listing of the Week: An In-Depth Look 
  • Open Houses in (Your Area) This Week/Month
  • Recent Price Reductions
  • Luxury Properties for Sale in (Your Area)
  • Up and Coming Neighborhoods
  • Communities in Development
  • Recent Real Estate Trends

Real Estate Blog Titles for Investors

  • Buying an Investment Property in (Your Area): What You Need to Know
  • X Tips for the First Time Investor
  • How to Fix and Flip a Home
  • X Common House Flipping Mistakes (and What to Do Instead)
  • Is an Investment Property Right for You?
  • Rental Properties in (Your Area) 101
  • X Tips to Get the Most out of Your Rental Property
  • How to Evaluate Potential Investment Properties
  • How Long Should You Hold onto an Investment Property?

Blog Topics About You

  • What Sets (Your Real Estate Business) Apart from the Rest?
  • Recent Success Stories
  • Staff/Realtor Spotlight
  • Recent Client Interviews
  • Are You Getting Ready to Sell Your Home? How We Can Help
  • How We Got Here: The History of (Your Real Estate Business)
  • My Favorite Things About (Your Area)

Drive more website traffic with regular real estate blog content. Prospective home buyers and sellers have more access to information than ever before. That’s why it is imperative to establish a blog (and regularly update it) for your real estate business. This way, you can provide potential clients with the answers they seek which, in turn, can help keep you at the top of their minds when they decide they’re ready to buy or sell a home in your area.

Hopefully, these real estate blog topics have the inspiration you need to create helpful, high-quality content. Keep in mind, however, that this list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other topics you can cover. No matter what topics you write about, be sure your posts are relevant and offer value to your target audience.

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