5 Things That Are Sabotaging Your Email Marketing Efforts

Love it or hate it, email marketing is still one of the best “Return-On-investments” things you can be doing for your business. Despite all the doctrine about social media, email marketing is still ranked high on marketing experts’ lists…..when done correctly.

There is no shortage of advice when it comes to sending emails, but going back to some basic fundamentals will ensure that you are successful. Let’s look at some things you may be doing or overlooking:

-Sending emails that offer no value: Make sure your email offers something your customers are looking for, fills a need, or a “Special Offer”. There is a reason it’s a “junk” folder!

-Sending emails that don’t conform to the Cam-Spam Act: This is just good business practice. Always include in the footer why someone is receiving your email and how to unsubscribe You don’t want to accidentally email a newly retired person with too much time on their hands.

-Not tracking email: Make sure you are using an email marketing analyzer such as Mailchimp, etc. These services are invaluable to tracking who opens your email, links that are clicked, and which email is a successful email verses one that goes directly into the trash.

-Emails with no clear call to action: Why are you sending the email in the first place? Do you want people to visit you website, call you, follow you on social media, buy something? Make sure the point of the email is made clearly!

-Sending to many emails: Emailing more than once or twice a month is over-kill. If someone receives to many emails from you and you’re not their wife or mother, they are probably going straight to the trash folder. You want your mailing list prospects to be excited to receive an email from you. They will open it with the intent on finding a valuable offer, fresh ideas, or a service they need.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to keep moving forward with good business practices. Remember, consistent, valuable, and engaging content will always win.

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