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At Coastal Marketing Strategies, Ashlyn Ricks combines her expertise in advertising and new media with a deep understanding of digital marketing to create impactful strategies for businesses.

Her focus is not just on delivering top-notch SEO and digital marketing services, but also on building strong relationships with clients and helping them achieve lasting success in the digital world.

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Journey Through Advertising and New Media

My adventure in the world of digital marketing began at the University of Georgia, where I majored in Advertising and earned a certificate in New Media. It was within the university’s collaborative spaces that I discovered my love for web design and the immense potential of online media.

From Staffing to SEO

After my cap and gown were neatly packed away, I took my first steps into the professional world in Atlanta’s dynamic staffing industry. This two-year period honed my interpersonal skills and taught me the art of connecting people with opportunities—a skill that’s at the core of every successful marketing strategy. However, my heart was always tuned to the pulse of digital marketing, leading me to pivot my career towards SEO in 2023.

A Passion for SEO

Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering the intricate dance of search engines and their ever-changing algorithms. My role at Coastal Marketing Strategies is more than a job—it’s a daily challenge to push boundaries and elevate our clients’ online presence. I leverage my background in advertising and web design, along with my acute understanding of digital trends, to ensure that our strategies are not just current, but ahead of the curve.

Let’s Connect

Whether you’re looking to redefine your digital strategy or simply want to chat about the latest in SEO and makeup trends, I’m here for it. Reach out by sending me an email, or you can connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m looking forward to crafting strategies that bring your brand the visibility and engagement it deserves.