Blair Witkowski

Learn More About Company Founder & SEO Guru Blair Witkowski

Welcome to the in-depth, about page of Blair Witkowski, a seasoned connoisseur of the digital marketing realm and a guiding light in the ever-evolving landscape of SEO. With a career spanning over two decades, Blair has not only witnessed the transformation of search engine optimization but has been a pivotal force in shaping its trajectory.

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Blair with three of his sons and son-in-law, Josh

The Journey Begins

Hailing from the vibrant shores of New Jersey, Blair’s odyssey in the digital world began before the term ‘SEO’ was coined, marking him as a true pioneer in the field. His journey led him to the warm embrace of South Carolina in 1997, where he, alongside his wife Jennifer, laid down roots and expanded their family to a lively household of nine children. It’s here that Blair’s vision, Coastal Marketing Strategies, came to life—a testament to his expertise and dedication.

A Family Affair

At Coastal Marketing Strategies, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Rory, Blair’s eldest son, mirrors his father’s passion for SEO, serving as an analyst and project manager. Together, they form a dynamic duo, propelling businesses to unprecedented heights with their acumen and strategy.

Expertise That Speaks Volumes

Blair’s specialization in local search optimization is not just a profession but an art form. From optimizing YouTube channels and Google Map listings to enhancing website visibility, his strategies are as unique as they are effective. His approach goes beyond traditional methods, fostering a vast social footprint for clients, securing podcast spots, and garnering press mentions that resonate across the digital sphere.

A Diverse Portfolio

Blair’s expertise isn’t confined to one niche. His strategic prowess has been the driving force behind successful campaigns for a myriad of industries, including CBD companies, real estate, restaurant chains, and home services. His commitment to community shines through his work with local non-profits, for whom he develops websites that stand out and make a difference.

The Affiliate Marketer

Beyond SEO, Blair is a titan in the affiliate marketing world. His flagship website, Tech Writer EDC, is a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring in-depth reviews on wristwatches, pocketknives, and camping gear. His passion for backpacking and spending nights under the stars fuels his prolific writing on Everyday Carry, earning him a notable mention on Wikipedia and a readership that eagerly awaits his reviews on over 300 pieces of gear.

The Lifestyle Maestro

Blair’s talents extend into the realm of lifestyle with Lowcountry Style & Living, a magazine that captures the essence of Southern charm. As a renowned restaurant reviewer in the Southeast, Blair’s insights attract over 50,000 monthly visitors, all eager to indulge in his rich food narratives and travel escapades.

Blair With His Wife, Jennifer

A Personal Invitation

I invite you to explore the world through my experiences—whether it’s the latest in SEO, a guide to the finest outdoor gear, or the quest for culinary excellence. Join me on this journey, and let’s navigate the digital landscape and the wonders of life together.