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Today, more than ever, your business needs to have a strong digital presence. You know it and the competition knows it. But how do you make sure you’re doing a good job so that you don’t lose website traffic or leads to a local competitor? At Coastal Marketing Strategies, we make digital marketing easy for your Bluffton business. From custom websites to complete social media campaigns (and all the important stuff in between), we will aggressively help you to stay ahead in the digital space. When looking at local digital marketing agencies, it helps to work with an experienced team. See how skill set can help you grow your business.

We make sure your business is found when potential customers look for your services, products, or the things you offer.

Do you struggle with keeping new and interesting content on your website or social media accounts? We can help!

Still using that Godaddy website your nephew built for you? Out-brand and out-rank your competitors with a website that actually generates business for you!

  • PPC and Ads

Are you spending money on Google Ads but not sure if they are effective? Has Bluffton Today hounded you to advertise but you don’t know what you signed up for? We should talk.

  • Social Media

Are you using your Facebook page to it’s fullest potential? Did you know your competitors can advertise to your Facebook followers and steal your clients? Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Email Marketing

What are you doing with all those email address you’ve been collecting over the years? We can show you how to generate more client loyalty through email marketing. What, you’re not collecting emails…

Digital Marketing & SEO

When you blend digital marketing with SEO, you will be getting more of the right type of visitors – the ones that need your services and want to work with you. That means your investment dollars are paying off. Don’t view digital marketing and SEO as separate components, but two complementary parts of the bigger picture.

Work With A Local Agency!

Results Driven Digital Marketing

SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Content, Email

Local Digital Marketing In Bluffton

Are you not sure what digital marketing even is? Are you curious is a digital marketing agency can help you? Don’t worry, there are so many opinions and industry definitions out there that’s it overwhelming. In a nut shell, digital marketing is the umbrella term used to cover search engine optimization, PPC, blogging, social media, email marketing…. basically anything that’s done where a client can interact with you and your brand from a device such as a phone, tablet, Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc.

We analyze your business and can craft a digital marketing plan customized for your local Bluffton business. What’s even better, we are local, too. We not only enjoy face to face meetings, but we understand the local digital landscape. We know some people don’t want to drive from the south end of HH to Bluffton, but we also know how to reach clients in Sun City, Okatie, North of the broad, and more. Let us help you to generate new leads.

Do You Actually Need A Digital Marketing Agency?

This answer is more complicated than one might think. If you’re a new Bluffton business, trying to grow, or feel your competition has been stealing your clients, then, yes, you could benefit from digital marketing. Unlike many SEO companies and web designers, we understand that not everybody needs a fancy website or wants to get new customers. However, if that doesn’t apply to you, then let’s rock n’ roll!

If you want to stay competitive with the search engines and you’re still interested in making more money with your Bluffton business, then the easy answer is: yes, you definitely need to do some marketing. Since each business and situation is unique, we are perfectly positioned to help you navigate the digital marketing landscape and help you to make choices that are right for your specific business.

We are a local, hand on marketing agency located right here in Bluffton!

Why Digital Marketing Matters

If you want to ensure your local business has a steady flow of new customers and leads, then digital market is one way to accomplish that! By making sure your business shows up in search results when someone “googles” you, your services, or the city in which you operate, you can stack the deck in your favor to make more money. Remember this one important fact, if you don’t market your business, you will fall behind your competitors, it’s just that simple.

You also don’t want to trick yourself into thinking you have enough business or don’t need to bother with digital marketing. If you don’t carve out a digital presence, you make it much easier for a new business or existing competitor to get a jump on you and possibly steal existing clients from you. Even if you’ve been in Bluffton for years, it doesn’t take long for ‘the new guy in town’ to control search results and lock you out of the top spots in search engines.

Content Marketing, Website Design, Digital Marketing and Local Advertising All Done In-House!

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Bluffton Business

As more and more emphasis is put on a company’s digital footprint, having a successful digital marketing plan is vital to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you develop a strong online presences that is custom made for your unique industry and situation. We know first hand that digital marketing is not a one size fit all solution. From simple fixes to complicated product launches, we have the proven digital marketing experience to make a direct impact to your bottom line.

Our team of digital marketing professionals all have real world skills and actually come from several different industry background…not just marketing, but construction, medical, finance and more, so you get to work with locals who have first hand knowledge that can apply to your digital marketing success.

When You Need Digital marketing In Bluffton, Turn To The Professionals! 

Who’s This Guy Telling Me I Need Digital Marketing?

With all the noise and chatter online, it’s tough to figure out exactly what does and doesn’t work when it comes to digital marketing. Well, I can guide you in the right direction and show you tangible results. Why? Because I’ve done it for other companies and I can do it for you. My name is Blair Witkowski and I live here in Bluffton with my wife and children. I have been specializing in local SEO, digital marketing, and web design for several years and I have a proven track record of ranking local businesses right here in the Lowcountry!  I understand our unique geography (Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort and beyond) and how it impacts digital marketing locally.

You Can Use Digital Marketing Today To Grow Your Bluffton Company

Coastal Marketing Strategies is your Bluffton digital marketing solution! Our custom plans are tailored just for your business and industry. We focus on helping companies and businesses in fixed geographical areas to: generate leads, develop new clients, and maintain existing clients. And we do an amazing job! If you want to make sure you show up in search results, look professional on Facebook and keep getting new clients, then let’s see if working together makes sense.

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