FAQ’s About SEO Services In Charleston, SC

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO In Charleston:

SEO is a complicated process and without a clear and well thought out strategy, we see many clients waste time and money, either by trying to do SEO on their own or hiring a company that doesn’t have actual in-market experience, We live here and that give us not only a unique perspective, but the local knowledge to put real world tactics to use here in Charleston. Here are some common questions new client may have about SEO:

Everyone always wants to know if SEO in Charleston will work for them and the answer is: absolutely! I don’t see how any company today could even be competitive in such a large city without an aggressive SEO campaign.

We work with a variety of companies in the area, but we are exclusive when it comes to the industry. If you are a roofing company, we will not work with another roofer in the area. If you are a home builder or a plastic surgeon, we will not work with any of your competitors in the area. We take this very seriously and we can’t understand how other SEO companies can work with multiple people in the same industry in the same city. It just doesn’t seem right….or effective.

There are many ways to track the success of your SEO campaign, but nothing beats Google search results. That’s the ultimate barometer of whether the SEO plan is working or not. We love Google Analytics and we use that as a way to track our progress. It’s very cut-and-dry. You either show up in search results and you’ve increased website traffic….or you haven’t. That’s also one reason why we don’t lock people into a long-term contract. All of our SEO campaigns are month-to-month because we are confident in our abilities and can show you measurable success.

The fact that there are so many cities close to Charleston is actually a help to us when trying to get you ranked in search results. If you are a plumber and you service not only Charleston, but you’re also going to Moncks Corner and Summerville and as far out as Hanahan, then having special pages on your website called ‘location pages’ that are focused on your service in that particular city will make sure you show up very high in search results.

Typically, you do not need a new website to start doing SEO, but that’s also based upon what kind of website you have now, how old it is, what software was used to build it, and the current situation of keywords and content on the website. If you have a Squarespace or Wix website,  you may want to consider converting it to a more aggressive platform that’s easier to optimize and what I would like to call a real website. Those websites like Squarespace just cannot be as competitive as the other options out there when it comes to SEO.

Truthfully, no one can guarantee any type of search result. The reason for that is because we don’t control the search engines. All we can do is take our vast experience, knowledge and proven track record and apply it to your SEO campaign. We never do any type of gray area or black hat tactics. Everything we do meets the Google criteria. We study their algorithms. We study what they want a website to be and we focus also on the end user. If you build a website that has the content that people are looking for, you will always rank.

There are several reasons why SEO in Charleston is so hard. Mainly, it’s because of the sheer number of businesses in the area. Everyone uses the internet today to look for things they want to buy or people they want to hire or where they want to go to eat. If you don’t show up on the first page of the search results, you’re going to have a difficult time growing your business. The other reason SEO in Charleston is so hard is because of all the suburbs that we have and different geographical areas. Consequently, you need to rank not just for the word ‘Charleston’ but you also have to rank for the other locations surrounding the city.

You will start seeing results in the first few months, but a lot of your success will depend on your industry and your competitors and how aggressive you want to be with your SEO campaign.

If you recently searched for your business and saw all your competitors showing up and it’s got you thinking of what they’re doing, most likely they’re aggressively doing SEO. The only way you can beat your competitors when it comes to digital marketing and your online presence is to do an even better job than they are. If they write content, you need to have better content. If they have a nice website, you need to have an even better website. The short answer is, yes, even if your competitors are doing SEO, we can help you outrank them.

The cost of SEO can vary depending on your business and what your main competitors are doing. All of our SEO campaigns are based on the custom needs of your business, the condition of your website, and your current situation. Before we take on any new client, we do a deep analysis of your current rankings and the keywords you show up for. We then craft a strategic plan built around your distinct needs. SEO can range from $1,500 per month to $4,000 per month.

Absolutely! You can definitely do your own SEO in Charleston for your business. It’s not a secret. It’s not rocket science. It’s like anything else…do you have the time and knowledge to do an effective SEO campaign? You can definitely go online and learn a lot of stuff and watch a lot of YouTube videos and experiment with your website. However, if you’re in a position where you need immediate results and you want to make sure you’re not going to make any mistakes (some that can actually hurt your website rankings with Google) then it’s always good to hire someone who specializes in Charleston Search Engine Optimization.

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