Is your website broken?

When talking to potential clients, it seems there are two major themes on why I am needed. One, they don’t have a website at all. Two, their “website is broken or doesn’t work”. The answer to the first is somewhat straight forward, all businesses need to be online.

The answer to the second problem is a different story and what I would like to talk about today. My last several clients all suffered from the same issue; old websites. What was once shiny and new is now outdated and far from user friendly. On top of this, the website is not mobile friendly. I would consider all these points valid reason why a website is “broken”.

Group of People with Computer Network Concept

If you have noticed that your website traffic has been dwindling and you are receiving less and less calls from the internet, these are usually the first red flags. Have you tried to access your own website from your cell phone or tablet recently? Does your site take a long time to load? Remember, if you don’t like using and interacting with your website, your customers certainly will not.

Your website needs to be another sales person for you. It needs to be presentable, easy to reach, have answers to questions, and “always be closing”. Just like a real salesperson, sometimes it needs a refresher.  If your website is more than a few years old, it is time to take a serious look at an upgrade and redesign. The internet is always evolving and so is Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. Today more than ever, it is easy to pick out an old website. Your website is the face of your business, many times it’s the first interaction with your company a customer has. Your website say a lot about what kind of company you are and what the customer experience might be.

We build and redesign websites with three major areas of focus; SEO, Usability, and Conversions. From the ground up your website needs to be built optimized for search. This goes beyond keywords and title tags. Each and every page needs to be crafted for your target customer, then added and cultivated to meet the market. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, make sense to a customer, and work on all devices. In the end, your website needs to make you money. The goal is to get found by people who want what you have. They need to call, click, or buy!

I challenge you to test your own website! Go to somebody else’s compute or an incognito tab on your browser and search for your company. Are you happy with what you found? Next, take you cell phone or tablet, google your business and try to read three of your webpages. Easy to do? Finally, is your phone number, hours, and address easy to find and on every page? Didn’t think so. If you answered no to two of these little experiments, it is time to get serious about your website.

I understand not everyone is in the position to hire a seasoned professional, but isn’t your business worth the investment of an upgrade that will increase your bottom line and make you more money? One way to look at this situation is on ROI; return on investment. How much did you last website cost? How long have you had it? Most of the time if you do the math, your website only really costs you about $50 a month. Considering the cost and time of obtaining a new client, $50 seems like a steal!

If your Uncle Vinny built your last website or you are using a “free” website, it’s time to get a new one. Your own web address, email with your company as the actual domain, and the ability to upgrade your pages in a reasonable amount of time are just some of the basics.

If you need a website or need an upgrade, we are happy to have a consultation on the phone or in-person. Stop putting off the necessary upgrades to keep your business competitive. We love to build serious websites that make you money and are easy for the client to use. If this sound appealing, give us a call!

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