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Organic SEO is defined, in part, by ranking high in search results naturally, by value of content. It is the opposite of using paid ads or paid link placement. Organic SEO is the basis of all quality web traffic. It is also the main focus of Google’s algorithms in classifying and crawling websites.


The most important part of Organic SEO is making sure that your site has thorough and complete content. Each page should have an adequate amount of up-to-date information relating to your business or industry. All of your meta data should be complete, including: page titles, keywords repeated throughout in a sensible way, ‘call to actions,’ appropriate info in the header and footers, and finally, making each page unique.


Obviously, all of these components work together to assist your website and grow your business. Doing only one thing, without the other pieces, will just not work. Do you have time for all of this?


Coastal Marketing Strategies will focus our energies to have your website rank high – without using paid ads. Here are three facts to put all of this into perspective:


– 79% of online users always/frequently click on the natural search results first*
– 83% of respondents said they never/occasionally click on sponsored results*
– 74% of those surveyed rated paid ads as spam or untrustworthy*


A strong focus on Organic SEO will ensure the long term health of your website. Contact us today!


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*2015 Slingshot Media study