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Bringing Your Business to the Widest Possible Audience

If your business is not ranking high in search results, you are loosing money, time and potential new clients. More than ever, showing up in search results for your key phrases and terms is vital to stay competitive. The marketplace is crowded, competition is high and there are triple the number of companies vying for the same customer base. What can you do to stay ahead?

Local SEO Can Be A Gamechanger For You!

  • Web Design

A mobile-friendly, easy-to-use website encourages people to stay longer and buy from you. Our team designs attractive, brand-boosting websites that get results.

  • Google Business Listing Optimization

From creating a Google My Business account to applying search engine optimization strategies to your description, we’ll ensure your target customers find you.

  • SEO Services

Search engine optimization is the backbone of building a successful online presence. We’ll use the best strategies to increase your organic ranking to draw in traffic.

  • Content Creation

Creating easy-to-read, useful, and SEO-targeted content is an essential part of ongoing digital marketing. Our goal is to keep search engines and website visitors happy and engaged.

  • WordPress Maintenance

Keeping your blog up to date and functioning properly ensures proper marketing reach. Our team works closely with you to ensure it’s always performing at its best to ensure top ROI.

  • Social Media

Reach your customers in a meaningful way, right where they are looking for reviews and insights. Social media marketing managed professionals builds brands and delivers on sales.

South Carolina SEO Services From Coastal Marketing Strategies

According to one recent study, an amazing 68% of all Internet-based experiences between a business and its potential customers still begin with a search engine. The same source indicated that a massive 80% of all major purchases still begin with online research – even if a consumer knows that they’ll eventually be making that purchase in a store.

This, in essence, is why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important. Ultimately, you’re talking about so much more than just your business’ ability to rank for certain industry-specific keywords.

You’re talking about your ability to increase visibility and raise brand awareness as much as possible. You’re talking about the ways in which you stand out from your competitors and increase both trust and authority. You’re talking about all of this and more, all at the exact same time – which is why SEO needs to become a cornerstone of all of your online efforts.

Grow Your Business Through SEO

At Coastal Marketing Strategies, we pride ourselves on offering so much more than just “traditional SEO.” Are services are optimized in a way that not only helps build your domain authority, but that also helps empower your reputation while creating as much engagement with your target audience as possible.

We do this through a multi-faceted approach to search engine optimization, which can include techniques like:

  • Regular blogging.
  • Posting on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social media-based contests.
  • Relevant and authoritative press releases.
  • Link buildings.
  • Content creation and more.

We’ll also make sure that all of your business listings on resources like “Google My Business” are accurate and updated, and we’ll be proactive about monitoring online reviews in various sources too.

All of these efforts combine to form something far more powerful than “basic SEO” ever could – they help make sure your digital presence is exactly how it should be to make the maximum impact possible. 

The Benefits of South Carolina
Search Engine Optimization

All told, the right approach to SEO can benefit your organization in a wide range of different ways, including but not limited to ones like:

-It can help dramatically increase your company’s bottom line. Yes, it’s true that search engines like Google support paid advertising on the results pages – but the vast majority of users choose to ignore them, instead focusing in on the organic results.

-Target the right customers at the right time. A holistic approach to search engine optimization gives you the chance to target not just any customers, but those who are ready to make a purchase.

-It helps you discover brand-new customers. Right now, the people who make up your target audience are doing as much research online as they can before they’ll be willing to part with their hard-earned money. By making sure you always have high value, relevant content to serve them, you dramatically increase the chances that yours is the brand they choose to work with.

-Stand out from your competitors. Most people don’t realize that the vast majority of all clicks on a search engine results page go to the top three results – with the site in the number one position taking most of them. Therefore, having your business’ website ranked as #1 on Google is a great way to give yourself a legitimate competitive advantage.

Generate More Business With South Carolina SEO

At Coastal Marketing Strategies, we want to help you dominate your South Carolina SEO – all in a way that helps you grow your business from the organization you’re running today to the one you hope to be running a year or even five years from now.

When you enlist our help for all of your search engine optimization needs, you’re getting access to the experience of a passionate team of people who live and work in the same South Carolina areas that you do. People who understand our communities and businesses and know how to help organizations like yours succeed by leveraging the full power of modern technology to your advantage.

We Are Serious About Search Engine Optimization

To successfully target a particular area, you need to know those locations like the back of your hand. It isn’t enough to simply insert “relevant” keywords into a blog post or white paper and call it a day. You need well written, thoroughly researched content that makes sense for the people you’re speaking to.

Success in terms of SEO is about nothing if not getting the right message in front of the right person at precisely the right time, and that’s exactly what we’re prepared to help you do.

We know you have many choices when it comes to SEO in the Palmetto State.  Our ability to listen, learn, and truly grasp your business and digital marketing needs sets us apart from the competition. We will ask you a lot of questions, we will study your trade, and we will be your partner.

We want to know about you, how your business works, where you want to grow, and then create a plan to build you an amazing online home. We strive to be the best SEO agency in South Carolina and deliver an amazing experience.

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