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Planning For Your Success

Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Customers and clients will judge the credibility of your business based on the design of your website! What does your website say about you? Coastal Marketing Strategies specializes in web design for small and medium sized businesses and organizations that are looking to enhance their overall web presence.

We can help you take the necessary steps to bring your web project to the next level.

SEO Focused Web Design

It all starts with SEO. Our development process is interconnected to user experience, design, content, and most of all SEO. From the core to each page, we build in ranking signals that will ensure your website is found online where it counts….at the top.

Some key components to on-page SEO are site speed, page layout, user intent, navigation, and of course deep content. We will create a plan for you to put your best foot forward with Bing and Google.

The Goal Is Conversions!

The goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers, and we can get you there. Just like your business, we know your web presence must be defined by the user experience — producing a compelling, accessible interaction where everyone benefits. When devising a strategy for design, we keep  basic elements in mind:

Consistent, user-friendly navigation and button design.

Fresh fonts, pictures, and color palette, tailored to your target demographic.

Fixed, proportional, or fluid layouts to accommodate static or dynamic content.


We tailor a design to the target user expectations and sensibilities.


Responsive design for great user experience across multiple devices.


Compelling headlines, subheads, pictures, and options to reinforce your message.

It All Starts With A Process

We pay attention to the details. They’re critical for the creation of a strong brand or top-class website. And part of our job is to guide you through the nuances of those details. So in order to do that and to craft a great end product, we have a tried and true process in place.

Discovery + Strategy

Crafting a website for a brand requires getting to know that brand. We ask a lot of questions – a lot – and listen carefully as we learn about your company’s history, goals, brand, competition, and more. Throw it all at us; we’ll turn it into a sound approach right for your brand.

Information Architecture

A great website needs a detailed blueprint for moving forward toward success. Information Architecture is where that blueprint gets created. Once we know what elements we’re incorporating into the site and how it all flows together, we can move on to the core of the site.


We believe that delivering a great website starts with a great story. Knowing what you’re going to say is just as important as how. We help tell your story by organizing it, understanding what the significance and essence of the story is. If storytelling isn’t your strong suit, we can write your story for you.

Site Design

Once we’ve carefully crafted your vision of the site, we bring it to life. We focus on both mobile and desktop, and the technology we use is the technology that will work best for your project. This ensures you’re getting the site your company deserves and can grow with.


After several rounds of testing and quality assurance, we will launch your  new website. And that’s where most web consultancies will stop.Coastal marketing Strategies will provide support immediately after launch and help your site evolve and grow.


A website is never truly complete. It grows as your business grows and it evolves as the internet and your company changes. The web is not a static place, nor should your online home be. We always reevaluate, tweak, and update for the changing demands your customers may have or the direction you need to go.

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