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Our innovative design & creative marketing strategies help companies gain the advantage they need to connect with the growing digital world.

Digital Marketing

…….. is what we do! From start-ups and local businesses to non-profits and multi-location based companies, we have the skills your company needs to grow your customer base and increase profits. Today, you need to be actively attracting new customers online to stay ahead of the competition and you can’t afford to trust your digital marketing to an inexperienced company.

  • Website Design

When results matter most. All of our websites are built from the ground up to be optimized for search engines and to give you room to grow. Our websites are built for the long haul and are a wise investment.

The cornerstone of any digital marketing plan is the long term benefits of search engine optimization. We’ve been doing SEO longer than most, and we know what works and what can hurt you.

The hardest part of building your website or creating articles for your business can be the actual writing! That’s where we come in; let us handle the content creation so it’s optimized, done right and without hassle.

  • Email Marketing

Every business owner says they’re going to start email marketing, but most don’t know where to start. We can create the entire cycle for you, from gathering emails to crafting the messages.

  • Pay Per Click

No project fees or large deposits required. You will get a new brand company website, or eCommerce retail site to better engage your audience and convert traffic into buyers.

  • Site Enhancement

Not everyone needs a new website; sometimes building on what you already have is the smartest option. If your site is a few years old, we can update the look and feel and get it rolling again.

Building Your Brand

Who is steering your ship? Marketing and branding are some of the most important investments you can make in your business. However, typically, these responsibilities are left to the most under-qualified or over-worked employees in an effort to save money and time. This is one of the most fatal errors a business owner can make. Does your office manager or sales person really have the time or skill-set to grow your business? Is that part of their job? Don’t let your business drift away from you; trust our expert and experienced approach to all things digital!

Relationships Matter

Reaching your audience where they’re searching can be challenging with all of the various platforms out there – whether searching Google or inquiring on Facebook. But utilizing a multi-channel strategy will broaden your reach and cast a wider net to improve your chances. Paid Ads and SEO work hand-in-hand to identify where potential customers are searching and, even better, how to get in front of them, so you can draw them to your website.

Why Our Digital Marketing Works

When you take a multi-channel approach to marketing, you exponentially increase your chances of online growth. Why? Each marketing component plays a key role in the online sales cycle: Attract, Nurture, Convert, and Keep. Successful digital marketing today is about understanding data … who is your target? where do they go for information? what problem do they need solved? what are their online traits and habits? These analytics (and more!) can all be used to crush your competition and gain new clients.

Performance Driven

Coastal Marketing Strategies is the digital marketing agency that’s driven by performance. We integrate and apply our expertise in paid media, search engine optimization, content development and custom analytics to your online campaigns, social media marketing, organic SEO and other dynamic efforts in order to produce real, measurable results.

Next Steps…1,2,3

Ambitious brands: we’re ready when you are. We help businesses go bigger – whether you’re well-known or just getting started. Let’s begin with a phone call and see if we make a good fit.

  • Intro

This part’s easy. We’ll discuss where you are, your current needs, and if we would be a good fit to work together. If you have a mess on your hands, we can help there too! Our skill-set includes cleaning up what might have been done incorrectly.

Each situation requires a different solution. Our job is to identify who your clients are, where they are, and how we can capture more of them. We will work closely together and develop a system to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Once we know what is needed, we can craft a custom digital marketing strategy just for you. Reaching new clients is not a “one size fits all” type of job. From targeted local search to capturing clients from competitors, your goal will be unique and so will your digital marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about how digital marketing can help your business? Let’s take the first step.

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