Social Media Management

Don’t Let Just Anybody Post Your Content!

Call To Action

Social Media and SEO efforts converge. Both efforts drive inbound traffic and build appealing identities. Having active, quality social media accounts helps boost not only your brand awareness, but is vital in laying a positive foundation for driving customers to your website…and ultimately to your door.

Businesses that are more active on social media platforms increase the odds of customers calling or visiting their websites because social awareness equals trust. It is a proven fact; trusted businesses have more repeat customers who are highly likely to refer their neighbors, friends, and co-workers.

Who Handles Your Public Image?

Often, social media management is an afterthought, or not taken seriously. However, it is another key component in having a purposeful and working marketing effort. A few posts on Facebook over three months is not a plan! Clear, concise messages, consistently posted across several media outlets, are part of the grading scale used by search engines.

A catch phrase often heard with SEO is “authority.” A simple way to understand this key component is this way: how often are you mentioned online and who is listening? Are people sharing your webpage? Are they sharing your blog post on Facebook? (You have an active blog, right?) Are people “checking in” on social media when they visit you? These are all building blocks in developing authority online…and it is just the beginning.

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