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Savannah Pooler WordPress SEO Expert


How do can we get there if we don’t know where we are going? There is no single metric to judge SEO and website success. Simply tracking key words will not get you to the top of search pages. You need a plan and several performance indicators to judge success.
Benchmarking your site and then measuring its increase will help you to track future growth and available opportunities.


Test page speed:

Are you being penalized by search engine for slow loading pages? Are users losing interest waiting for large pictures to load, or unnecessary animations or flash to populate?


Key word rankings-

Keyword rankings can be used to measure the specific terms you are trying to rank for. They can also help you determine if you are targeting appropriate keywords when trying to outrank your competition.



Do you link to other pages? Do other pages link to you? Google and Bing have acknowledged that linking is extremely high on the list of how they rank a website.


Search traffic-

You need to know how much search traffic you are receiving per month and whether it is increasing month to month. Most of all, you need to know where your traffic is from and if bot or spam sites are hosting links to you (which can cause poor ranking results.)


Time spent per page-

What happens when a person visits one of your pages and they are not interested? They leave. By monitoring how much time users spend reading and looking at your page, we can gauge if your site is getting its message across and has a good ‘call to action.’


Page visits-

Do people visit more than just one page on your site? Which are the most popular?


Returning Users-

Does the same user return to your website later? Are users checking back in to see if you have new information? Is your content engaging them and relevant for their needs?


Bounce Rate-

Are people finding your site only to hit the back button? This metric is a good indication of whether your website is being found in relevant search terms and if you are “drawing visitors in.”


Monitor indexing and crawl errors-

At the end of the day, regardless of your website layout, content or aesthetic, if Google and Bing cannot read it correctly, then your business will not rank high in searches.


Traffic by device-

Mobile traffic is quickly becoming over 50% of all internet traffic and increasing each year. Both Google and Bing consider a mobile-ready site to be very important. If your site is not easily viewed across multiple devices, it will score low with search engines.


Conversion of Visitors-

What is the main purpose of your website? To increase sales and growth. Does your website have a compelling ‘call to action,’ does it make people want to do business with you, call you, spend their money with you? Furthermore, are you tracking these things?


Missing Pages-

The dreaded 404 “page can’t be found.” Are there broken links on your site pointing people to pages that no longer exist? Has your site changed, but not all the navigation buttons? Correct links and site health are all indicators to the search engines that your page has quality content and authority.


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