The Three Most Important Digital Marketing Steps for Roofers

Are you trying to do your own roofing seo? If so, I hope this article on ways your can help rank your website! There’s no shortcut when it comes to search engine optimization for roofers….and contractors in general. The plain truth is, it’s a highly competitive industry and each city (even small ones) usually has multiple roofing companies. On top of the sheer volume of competitors, most roofing contractors know that the main way to drive new business is through the internet. You can skip the DIY and check out our SEO for Roofers here!

The big question is: where do you start? Perhaps you aren’t big enough or busy enough right now to afford to hire a roofing SEO specialist. So what can you do right now to make sure you don’t lose business to other roofing companies?

That’s what we’re going to talk about today: the three most important digital marketing steps for roofers to take in order to stay competitive in search results. I’m going to assume you have a website and you have at least built a few location and service pages.

If not, you can read my article about building out your roofing location pages here.

Google Maps & Google Business

These two things go hand in hand. Perhaps as important as your website is claiming your Google Business Listing, making sure it is completely filled out, ensuring you have uploaded pictures of your work and office (or truck and crew if you work from home).

Also, be sure to use their Post and Offer tools to publish content a few times a month. The number one reason Google Business is so vital is because it is the direct channel that allows you to show up in the Map Pack when someone searches for roofers in a specific city. Secondly, without the account, nobody can leave you Google Reviews.

Blogging and Content

This is the main area where most roofing contractors fall behind. You must, I repeat, must be adding valuable content to your website in the form of Blog Posts and Articles.

Why? Because it’s the easiest opportunity to match content on your website to what potential clients are searching for right now. Let me explain. If a person thinks they need a new roof, but they aren’t sure, what do they do? They Google it or ask Siri….”How do I tell if I need a new roof?”

Do you know what happens when you search for that question? A blog post shows up of a relevant article from a roofing website.

The number one way to rank high in search results in Google and Bing is to answer relevant industry questions with authentic and original content. This is a challenge to do because it takes a little effort.

But what if you landed a new client each month for your effort? This is where hiring an SEO company that specializes in roofers and contractors might be the right financial call. These specialized companies have industry experience and can create valuable original content consumers want to read.

Until you can afford to hire someone, don’t be afraid to write a few articles and show off your expertise.

Social Media

There are several social media platforms out there and it can be overwhelming thinking you have to be a master at all of them. However, this isn’t true. The best practice here is to pick two or three and make an effort to be consistent in how you engage and how often you post.

For roofing contractors, Facebook and Houzz will be your top two most important platforms. Don’t worry about Twitter, Instagram or anything else right now. Those other accounts take additional skill and time to master and will not immediately generate more leads for you like Facebook and Houzz will.

A good schedule that you can easily maintain (especially if you use facebook tools to schedule your posts) is to post twice a week (at minimum) on Facebook and twice a month on Houzz.

Post pics of your crew working, getting deliveries of materials, the finished job, etc. If you followed step two above, you can post your Blogs and Articles, too. By being active on Facebook, it sends a signal to the Google algorithm and may edge you out over a competitor.

In addition to the SEO benefits, Facebook gives you another platform for customers to post reviews about you.

The above steps will get you started and give you a good foundation on which to grow your digital presence. I cannot stress enough the importance of carving your spot in the digital world.

Have you ever Googled for a roofer in your city can’t understand why all these other companies show up and you don’t? Well, if you do a little investigation, you will see that they are (at the very least) doing the bare minimum I listed above – and even more so if they are ranking in the top 3.

With a little research, you can study your competitors’ websites and the companies that rank higher than you. See how they are using keywords, what they post online and how many reviews they have.

These will give you a good target to shoot for in your efforts. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, read my article on how to use your Service page to get more roofing leads here.

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