Three Website Upgrades Every Small Business Owner Should Make


Your website has the power to make running your small business easier in many areas. However, it is often overlooked once you have it set up and running…out of site out of mind! Don’t let your investment go to waste. Here are three actionable steps you can take with your current website to aid in running your business.
The following three components can be added to virtually any website:

Online Payments

An often overlooked button to have on your website is the “Make A Payment” button. Today, with PayPal, Stripe,, Squarespace, etc, there is no reason not to accept online payments. All of these options get funds into you current bank within 1-2 days. If you have a Pay Pal account, you can accept credit card payments, it’s that simple.

I am not just talking about e-commerce stores here. As a landscaper, do you have any accounts that are late? How about my painters out there? Still waiting for the final invoice after you finished the job? By being able to accept online payments you are reducing the barriers for customers to give you their money. This also helps if you have a service business with a lot of out of town customers.

Digital Downloads

Downloads are not just for music. You can easily have PDF, WORD, or other media files on your website that customers can have access to. Are you an irrigation company that is always walking customers through resetting their control clock? How great would it be to have the Rainbird Directions right on your website for customers to access?

Is there a document that you are constantly emailing to clients? Are you always giving instructions over the phone? Now you can direct people to your website and they can access the information at their convenience. This not only adds to the level of service you offer, but it also saves you time.

Photo Gallery

This is an easy one, but again I see many local business websites without a simple photo gallery of their past work, current projects, or place of business. Are you a Handyman? Have pictures of current jobs you have completed so customers can see the level of skill you have and quality of work you offer.

Having a Photo Gallery helps with traffic and Search Engines on any website, but this is especially helpful for localized business websites. Have a housekeeping company? Having a picture of your staff and the company vehicles adds another level of professionalism that others might not offer. What sets you apart from your competition? Having a Photo Gallery gives you a chance to showcase your work.

Remember an important statistic from Harris Interactive:
88% of consumers visit a company website before making a purchase. Put your best foot forward!

All three of these items will not only help your business, but will add in strong ranking factors to your website. Accepting payments and showcasing work are all key indicators to Google and Bing that your site is relevant and has valuable information.

To find out more about getting your website found by the search engines, contact Blair Witkowski with Coastal Marketing Strategies. From website re-designs to ground up builds, we can help you carve out a profitable digital footprint for your business.

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