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We specialize in advanced web design services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in Bluffton, South Carolina. Our team of expert web designers and developers are dedicated to creating custom websites that are visually stunning, highly functional, and user-friendly.

Whether you need a simple brochure website or a complex e-commerce platform, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life. We understand that your website is your business’s face online, so we prioritize user experience, search engine optimization, and mobile responsiveness in every project we undertake.

Beautiful website Built for a purpose

Created and crafted right here in the Lowcountry; we’re local! Count on us for you needs in Bluffton SC!

Web Design

. . . .is what we’re passionate about! Nothing launches a new business or reinvigorates an established company like an amazing website. It’s obvious everyone needs a website, and you can make your own, but those dinky “drag and drop” builders will never get your true message across. Sometimes it takes a little more effort and know-how to really make an impact. . . .and that’s what we do. A website is a crucial tool for businesses in today’s digital age. It serves as a virtual storefront that is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. We can assist you with the entire design process in Bluffton, SC or the surrounding area. We also can assist in the design process and with your graphic design needs.

  • Research

The most efficient way for us to create a website for you is to understand who you are. Every project begins with a thorough discussion about every detail of your website, from design to functionality. Your ‘website audience’ is a key factor in how we create it.

  • Strategy

We construct all of our websites with Search Engine Optimization in mind. From user interface to site architecture, every factor of SEO and high-rankings are in the forefront of our efforts to build your digital footprint.

  • Content

The hardest part of building your website or creating articles for your business can be the actual writing! That’s where we come in; let us handle the content creation so it’s optimized and done right. . . .without the hassle!

  • Design

Your website has less than five seconds to capture your visitors attention before they hit the back button. We will guide you through the entire process and create an online home to make you proud. . . .and your competitors jealous.

  • Function

There’s no point to over-engineer an entire website if a visitor can’t find a simple contact button. A clean, crisp, and focused design mixed with user-centered goals is our main objective when we develop your new website.

  • Result

The real way to measure a website is not by its looks (which are nice) but by its effectiveness in helping a business grow. We’re a little geeky when it comes to the numbers; we study the details. We want the answers just as much as you do!

Digital Experiences,

We are an advanced, full-service, digital marketing agency with a neighborhood feel. Our capabilities stretch from web design and development to marketing and proven search engine optimization. Our mission is to create websites that are customer-centric and ‘future proof.’ Our hands-on approach may surprise you! Built around a localized team based in Bluffton, SC, we are nimble and agile in the marketplace and have a deep well of experience to create your story.

Digital Experiences,

We are an advanced, full-service digital marketing agency with a neighborhood feel. Our capabilities stretch from web design and development to marketing and proven search engine optimization. Our mission is to create websites that are customer-centric and ‘future-proof.’ Our hands-on approach may surprise you! Based in Bluffton, SC, we are really local and have the real-world experience to deliver.. To compete, you need the best website design available.

Web Design Services

We know the value of a website that looks as good as it performs. Your site will become a powerful medium for marketing your brand on the internet. Rank, Click, Convert. . . .Repeat!

Quality Design

Your site will look amazing both on the surface and behind the scenes. It’ll be built from the ground up to perform well and build value and brand strategy.

SEO For Bluffton

We make sure your website will be found online for the targeted keywords and terms that you focus on. Online marketing is highly competitive, let us prepare you for battle.

Increase Visibility

Stop losing traffic and customers to your competitors. Make sure your site is at the top of the list and in front of people that are ready to buy.

Social Media

Having social media profiles are no longer optional! Today, your social influence directly impacts your ability to get found online and build trust with both the search engines and the public.

Be Friendly

Every person is different and everybody uses the internet in a different way. Make sure your brand is present where customers spend time online.


Modern Designs & SEO

Maybe you’ve already created a website for your Bluffton, SC business, but has that created any business? The launch of a website is often an overlooked and missed opportunity. This is why you need a design company that will listen. Web design Bluffton, SC

Today, more than half of all potential customers turn to the internet to start the process of buying anything. Are you where your customers are? We leverage your digital presence and ensure that your website is engaging, mobile-friendly, and a conversion machine. On page SEO will help here.

A basic, template-type website no longer works. The internet is just too competitive to leave anything to chance. We design each page with purpose: every word, every font, and even color is thought through in great detail.

The landscape of internet traffic is constantly evolving, that’s why we choose to use WordPress as our first choice for CMS (content management system). Your website will be safe, secure, and able to grow with both technology and your business.


Gone are the days when a basic website that your uncle or neighbor put up for you will work. Today, Google and Bing run the show, and we must play by their rules. Mobile devices rule the roost!

One of the most important criteria for a successful website is that it works on all devices. That means that your site needs to work perfectly on a Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Kindle, and (of course) a computer. This shows you need best website design.

In fact, if your site is not mobile friendly, Google will not even consider it in their database or index anymore.

Coastal Marketing Strategies builds every site to be optimized and work across multiple devices.  Your site will work and look amazing: from a small phone to the largest tablet and everything in between.

What is the mobile state of your current website? If you’re wondering why your competitors keep showing up higher than you, one reason could be that your site doesn’t work on mobile devices.


74% of internet users never scroll past the second page of search results!

How are you going to make sure you get found online? This is the root of good Search Engine Optimization: making sure people that searching for what you sell/offer can find your website in the Bluffton SC region and beyond.

If your website doesn’t show up high in the search engine results, then the chances of you making the sale are slim to none. SEO is not just throwing a few keywords on a page and hoping for the best. That is an old-school waste of time in today’s world of technical search algorithms. Valuable SEO includes managing a website with a fine tooth comb and optimizing every nook and cranny for keywords, locations, image tags, online reviews, and relevant content.

Once on-page SEO is complete, then we make sure all off-page factors are also taken care of. Are there quality links pointing to your website? Where can we add some? Does Google think your site is of low value or untrustworthy? That will need to be fixed. All of this adds up to new customers.

We can guide your website from obscurity to the top of search results.

Local Bluffton Website Design (Actually Local)

We know that actually being a local company here in Bluffton, SC can mean the difference between a successful relationship and a project that goes nowhere. It’s important for us to be accessible to our clients. (Of course, we love to travel, too! So if you’re an out-of-towner, we’d love to work with you also!) We want you to be able to reach out whenever you have questions or concerns and be able to grab a cup of coffee and talk it over. We can build that professional web you need! Web design company Bluffton SC!

We know you have many choices when it comes to web design in Bluffton, SC.  Our ability to listen, learn, and truly grasp your industry and digital needs makes us different. As local business owners ourselves, we have a full grasp of the industry and market in the Lowcountry. We can also help with graphic design.

We will ask you a lot of questions, study your trade, and be your partner. We want to know about you, how your business works, and where you want to grow, and then create a plan to build you a unique online home. We strive to be the best and deliver a fantastic experience. Who your website is intended for is a key factor in how we create it. We aim to get a clear understanding of your target audience and put together a website that will generate business, please your customers. . . .and get results! Our friends at Bragg Media have given us some great inspiration! This is where content marketing can also come into play. We can help you with all of your website copywriting needs.

In today’s digital age, having a website is considered essential for businesses of all sizes and industries. It is often the first point of contact between a potential customer and a business. While not having a website does not necessarily mean a business is not credible or professional, it can certainly give that impression to potential customers. A website can help you get new customers!

Without a website, a business may miss out on potential customers who are searching for products or services online. In addition, it may be difficult for potential customers to learn about the business, its products or services, and its values without a website. We offer the best website design in Bluffton, SC!

Want to learn more about our web design services and how it can help your business? Let’s take the first step.

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Bluffton, South Carolina Website Design Idea Cloud

We are also an advanced SEO company here in Bluffton, deploying some of the newest SEO tactics. All of our websites are designed with local SEO in mind.

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Historic Facts About Bluffton, South Carolina

Bluffton, South Carolina is a charming and historic town located on the coast of the state. Here are the top five reasons why Bluffton is famous:

  1. Old Town Bluffton: Bluffton’s historic district, known as Old Town, is a picturesque area that features charming antebellum homes, art galleries, shops, and restaurants. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike for more than a few years.
  2. May River: The May River is a scenic waterway that flows through Bluffton and offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and crabbing. It is also home to a variety of wildlife, including dolphins and seabirds.
  3. Golf: Bluffton is home to several world-class golf courses, including the Jack Nicklaus-designed May River Golf Club at Palmetto Bluff.
  4. Festivals and events: Bluffton hosts several annual festivals and events, including the Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival, the Bluffton Village Festival, and the Historic Bluffton Arts & Crafts Festival. Bragg Media is also located in Bluffton, SC. They are an award-winning design company.
  5. Location: Bluffton is located just a short drive from the popular tourist destinations of Hilton Head Island and Savannah, Georgia. It is also situated in the heart of the Lowcountry region, known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Does Over Optimization Work For Bluffton Website Design?

There are several important design elements that are crucial for a small business website in Bluffton, South Carolina. Here are the top five:

  1. Clear and Concise Messaging: The messaging on your website should be clear and concise. It should effectively communicate what your business does and what sets it apart from competitors.
  2. Mobile-Friendly Design: A mobile-friendly design is important as more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet. The website should be optimized for a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  3. Easy Navigation: Navigation should be intuitive and easy to use. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  4. High-Quality Visuals: High-quality visuals, such as photos and videos, can help make your website more engaging and visually appealing. They can also help showcase your products and services.
  5. Calls to Action: Calls to action, such as “Contact Us” or “Buy Now,” can help guide visitors towards taking the desired action on your website. They should be prominently displayed and easily accessible.