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Is It Time For A new Website?

We all know that a local business needs a website, but now it has become more important than ever. Years ago you could get away with just a Facebook page and customers wouldn’t think much, but today, potential customers will not take you serious without a digital presence online!

You website is more than a online business card, it’s an opportunity to tell the world who you are and why people should be doing business with you. Besides the fact You Must Have A Website, that kindergarten stuff from Wix and Godaddy doesn’t cut it anymore either!

Your Business Needs A Real Website! Jacksonville, Florida has grown exponentially over the last few decades and it’s more competitive than ever. If you feel your business isn’t getting the exposure or new clients it should, a new, powerful website could be your answer.

If You Jacksonville Business Doesn’t Have A Website, You Are In Trouble!

As a local business or service area company, having a website is essential in today’s digital world. Your website design can be used to showcase your products and services, attract more customers and build trust with potential customers. It also provides an online presence for your brand and gives you the opportunity to interact with customers directly. Your website should be your best salesperson! It can tell your story, highlight your brand and convert visitors into customers all while you sleep.

The question is how do you go about getting a great website? Well, that answer is easy, you work with us, Coastal Marketing Strategies. We have been building website for over 15 years and have helped hundreds of local business get a foothold online. If you are looking to work with a experienced and trusted web design in Jacksonville, FL, then we would love the opportunity to talk to you. We are WordPress specialist and can build just about anything you can dream.

Blair & Jennifer Witkowski – Local Web Designers and SEO experts! If you need a real people with real world results, then this is the team to trust!

WordPress & SEO Experts

I am Blair Witkowski and I started Coastal Marketing Strategies in 2015 after spending years building website and ranking business as an employee. Today, I take my nearly two decades of digital marketing experience and harness that knowledge to build YOU an amazing website that can make you money!

As a local WordPress expert I have the local vibe to know what works here in Jacksonville. I know what it takes to build a website that not only looks amazing, but can rank high in search results and then convert website visitors into buyers. If you expect to get new clients from the internet or Google, then a website is an invaluable tool.

Check Out Some Recent Website We Have Built:

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What Goes In To Building The Perfect Website?

When creating a website, there are several key points to remember.
First, the overall look and feel of the design is an integral part of any website and should be thought out in advance. Make sure the site looks professional and is easy to navigate for users. You don’t want to be too fancy and distract users away from your message, but it needs to have enough “pop” for them to know you are serious.

Second, consider the audience you’re trying to reach when designing your web page layout. Think about who your target customers are and select the content that will appeal to them. We have built some pretty fly websites lately; however, when you are on our site, we keep it simple and uncluttered.

Third, get your messaging on point. If you are trying to generate new leads for your roofing company, then make sure your website will lead a potential roofing client down the right path so they will take action and make a call or fill out a contact form.

Always use tracking tools such as Google Analytics to gain insights into how visitors interact with your web pages. This data can help inform decisions on how to improve user experience and keep visitors engaged.

Finally, don’t neglect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when building a new website; this can help increase the visibility of your web page in search results and, if done correctly, beat your local competitors to the top of page oneā€¦. that’s is where all the clicks are! Does SEO even still work? heck yeah! You are on this page right now because you need a website built for you in Jacksonville, Florida. How do you think you ended up on our website? By having awesome SEO and a large digital footprint. We are SEO Experts In Jacksonville, if your website has been lagging, give us a call.

How Does Local SEO Impact My Website?
Have you ever run across a local website and started to see them mentioning points of interest and famous places in the city? That’s a form of local SEO, like the image above of my wife and I at the Cummer Museum. Same goes for highlighting all the different jobs you have done around the city and naming the neighborhood. In fact, I took the picture you see in the header of the John T. Alsop Jr. Bridge when my wife and I went to Morton’s Steak House for our 25th wedding anniversary. See that, we just did a little more SEO and that is how you rank in Google Maps.

You Don’t Need To Know SEO or Web Design, That’s Why You Have Us!

It’s Easy To Work With Us!

Maybe you tried to build a website before and it didn’t go well. Did your last attempt take forever? Did the last guy ghost you? Was your last website just a plain hassle?

You need to build a website with us! All of our website plans are turn-key and we do the heaving lifting. From content creation, images and hosting, we will walk you through every phase of building a new website.

Check Out Our Website Plans & Pricing Below:

We offer a wide arrange of website and at various price points. Below you will see some basic website packages and what they include. Are you just starting out and need a basic website for your dog walking business? Give us a call, we can help with that too. Our belief is that every business deserves an amazing website!



Perfect for a new business starting out or if you need a professionally done and reliable website.

5 Pages

  • WordPress Website
  • Logo Creation
  • Content Creation
  • Stock Images
  • Advanced Speed Optimization
  • Google Analytics / Bing Webmaster setup.



In a competitive niche? Need your website to really grow your business? This is for you. We hand over a perfectly optimized site ready for action.

10 Pages
Basic SEO

  • Everything in the Base plan plus:
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Optimizations
  • Blog & Initial Content



A beautiful website that will skyrocket your brand. This package includes advanced initial SEO to build a strong foundation online.

15 Pages
Advanced SEO

  • Everything in Base & Team plans plus:
  • Advanced SEO Optimizations
  • Chat Bot Installation
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Off Page SEO & Link Building

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