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With over 20 years of experience, we are here to build websites that fulfill their underlying purpose and attract visitors organically. Coastal Marketing Strategies should be your first call when you need a website built, an old site refreshed or help with WordPress any where in the Grand Strand!

Our unique web design and development is specialized for small- to medium-sized companies. So whether you’re just starting your business or expanding an existing one, we’ll get you a professional-looking website that ranks on the first page of Google!

“Your Website Is A Profit Center And When Built Correctly, Should Be Your Best Sales Person” – Blair Witkowski

How We Help Business With Our
User-First & SEO Friendly Website design

Our company’s specialty: flawlessly optimized web design. 

Whether you’re beginning from scratch or rebuilding an existing website, we love creating amazing websites that attract traffic, convert visitors, and grow your business. How do we go about it? With a passion for design, an emphasis on quality, and a boost through search engine optimization.

Our website solutions serve as the foundation for established businesses in construction, utilities, real estate, retail, and other areas, so there is a big chance that we have been working on a similar project to yours before. We know that there are several web design companies here in Myrtle Beach, but we bring and extra level of expertise to the table and EVERY project with our unique SEO strategy and personal knowledge of South Carolina.

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Our Expertly Crafted WordPress Website Will Make Your Company Money And Ensure You Outrank You Competitors

Our innovative SEO and web solutions assist you in attracting the appropriate customers, converting leads, and growing your business. With absolutely no cumulative layout shift, your website visitors can focus on solving their problems and interacting with your brand, not with annoying popups and elements that suddenly load, pushing the call-to-action button away from the cursor.

We believe that your business has a wonderful product that fixes a particular problem completely, but sometimes the messaging is not quite right, and the searcher’s intent dissolves, ending up in the wrong place – like the marketing maze – instead of the sales funnel. We ensure this won’t happen by guiding the visitors right into the shopping cart, local store, or contact form. It doesn’t take a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach to be amazed and impressed! No, your website can do the same thing to your website visitors if done correctly. Why do we bring up Ripley’s? Call us to find out!

We Are Crazy About Website Speed!

We know how important page loading speed is. In fact, each second of the loading time costs you 10% of your customers. With our SEO and web development knowledge, we are delivering websites (without unnecessary JavaScript) that load almost instantly.

Every day, 30 billion mobile moments occur (when a client searches with their phone and expects an instant response) in the United States alone. This means that you have a massive possibility of somebody searching for your company on their phone, and you don’t want to disappoint your potential customers with a laggy website.

What Are The key Web Design Factors To Consider?

Whether you’re beginning from scratch or rebuilding an existing website, we love creating amazing websites that attract traffic, convert visitors, and grow your business. How do we go about it? With a passion for design, an emphasis on quality, and a boost through search engine optimization.

Your Website Must Have A Responsive design

The goal of responsive web design is to create web pages that appear nice on all devices. Adapting to changing screen sizes and viewports automatically gives a user the best possible experience.

Intuitive navigation Is A Must

The user experience is about people, not design. It’s about how smoothly people interact with your website. And, from our experience, it’s one of the points which can boost or kill your profits. That’s why we are eager to structure your complex website to be crystal clear for users.

Advanced functionalities Need To Be Built In From The Start

Whether you are a small business or a one-man army, we can build custom elements and scripts that fit your business precisely. Scheduling systems, ordering systems, and others are necessary for businesses. We will not flood your website with ‘plugin soup.’

Image Optimization

Ever heard of WebP? We are thinking about every detail, even image formats. Lossless formats with smaller file sizes load faster and make you more money in the long run because users stick to your page when they look at a beautiful infographic instead of the blank loading screen.

When Was The Last Time You Talked To Your Web Guy?

You website is a valuable marketing machine and should be maintained and Utalized As Such.

Do you even know who built your last website? Would you be embarrassed to refer a friend or family member to your last SEO company? If this sound like you, then it’s time for a change. Our holistic web design and after care plans ensure that your website stays up, is not prone to spam & bot attacks and is an accurate representation or your brand and business.

The story doesn’t end when we hand over the site to you. We offer on-going WordPress maintenance that includes:

  • Monitoring your uptime and informing you when things get bumpy.
  • Repairing and updating the broken pluigns immediately.
  • Adding new blogs and SEO content to your site regularly.
  • Changing element layouts and adding more features.
  • Protecting your web from malicious attacks.
  • Optimizing the database and hosting settings for you.

We understand that businesses change and businesses grow – and we are here to edit your site and Maintain Your Digital Presence

Get The Most Out Of Your Website & Digital Marketing

If your website and online marketing efforts are not returning amazing results, it’s time for a change. Work with a local web design and digital company who serves the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina.

Blair Witkowski – SEO & SEM Expert

Work With A Local Digital Marketing Expert

I have been “doing” SEO before it was even called search engine optimization! If you are ready to stop working with so-called gurus and self proclaimed marketing experts, then my company Coastal Marketing Strategies is for you. I can show hundreds of real world examples of sites we have built and thousands of words we have ranked on the first page of search results!

A Turn Key Approach- My complete services include keyword research, competitive analysis and reporting, on-page and off-page SEO, and much more to help you get more customers for less money, increasing the customer lifetime value and leaving you with more space for acquiring even more new customers!

Are You Leaving Money On The Table With Your Old Website?

The quality of the internet only gets better, and we will discuss the same things about your website as you would with other agencies. But there are plenty of benefits when you choose to build your website in an SEO-friendly way. That makes this relationship priceless.

Search engines, such as Google, serve customers with the sites which are the most relevant and reliable, and this is where SEO marketing comes in. Coastal Marketing Strategies, being one of the greatest SEO companies in Myrtle Beach, knows how to get your site seen, trusted, and appreciated! We routinely propel our customers to the number one spot in search results, where their websites receive most of their clicks!

No other marketing strategy has a larger return on investment. That’s why every website we build is infused with strategic SEO planning. Did you know that 19 Million people visit Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade every year? What if just a fraction of those found your restaurant, surf shop or other business online? Imagine the revenue boost. Again, with the Myrtle Beach tourist mentions…call us to find out how SEO Friendly Web Design Works!

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