Why Your Restaurant Needs A Blog

Especially during these uncertain times that we’re currently living through, all restaurants need to do three essential things to remain as successful as possible moving forward.

First, they need to make sure that their social media presence is updated as much as possible. Your customers are absolutely going to have questions regarding your approach to safety and related matters and sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are the fastest ways to provide the answers. Next, they need to keep not only their Google My Business listing up-to-date, but they also need to make sure that their website is constantly updated to reflect accurate hours, any menu changes and more.

So Many Restaurant Owners Allow Their Websites To Sit Idle

But more importantly, that website needs to convey that they are A) still in business, and B) open to the public. So many restaurant owners allow their websites to sit idle with outdated content or messaging. It’s not fair to expect someone to hunt down information as to whether or not you are actually open. They’re not going to put in that kind of effort – they’ll simply place their order with someone else.

Thankfully, getting to this point is a lot easier than you might think. A blog is a perfect opportunity to keep customers in-the-loop AND to drive traffic, empower your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts and more. But that blog also doesn’t have to be totally about YOU, necessarily. To really make the most out of this unbeatable opportunity to open up a new line of communication with your target audience, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

The Art Of Building The Best Restaurant Blog Possible: Breaking Things Down

Never forget that so much of a city’s cultural identity is ultimately tied to its cuisine – and as a restaurant owner, there’s nobody better equipped to give their own unique take on that than you.

That’s why your restaurant blog is the perfect chance to write about your local city and the surrounding areas in a way that doesn’t just generate more traffic for your website – it also gives potential customers a reason to check back in on a regular basis.

Not only that, but it also gives restaurant owners something valuable to post on social media rather than just another picture of food, regardless of how delicious that picture may look.

Maybe you run a pizza restaurant, for example, and you’re trying to rank highly on Google for key phrases like “best pizza in Florida.” One great way to do that is to write a blog devoted to not only your restaurant, but others just like you. Highlight how each option is different and go into detail about what makes them unique. Just make sure that all of the other “best pizza restaurants” that you pick are located very far away from your physical location.

Remember, all businesses can benefit from blogging – See these easy topics to write about!

So not only do customers get a list of great pizza restaurants to check out, but you get to establish yourself as a true authority at the exact same time.

As an added bonus, your restaurant blog also gives you a chance to talk about other businesses in your area, which can be useful in terms of building links and publishing content that other people will be willing to share on social media. Google has indicated in the past that backlinks and social activity are important parts of their search engine ranking algorithms, which means that you need to consider them to be an important part of your own process, too.

Really, there are no shortage of things that you can write about and publish on your blog. You could write about specific local events or hotspots that people should check out in the fall, for example, or even provide some of your favorite recipes that you can then encourage people to try out at home. You could even devote a blog post to “The Top Five Garage Sales You Don’t Want to Miss.”

It doesn’t actually matter – the goal is to be able to build as much related content around your restaurant and location as possible, thus increasing your brand reach and establishing yourself as a trustworthy source of relevant information at the exact same time.

Easy Way To Blog For Your Restaurant

Finally, make sure to update your blog as often as you’re able to do so. Regular content updates also help tremendously in terms of Google ranking. You don’t have to post every single day – if you can only generate one new blog post per month, that’s fine. It’s better to update your blog once a month on a consistent basis than immediately post five articles and then not think about it again for six months.

Remember this, the search engines love websites that publish original, consistent content and after your customers, you want the search engines to love you too! By posting regular pages and articles to your restaurants website, you will get a leg up on your competitors and start ranking for the tougher phrases.

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