Would you hand out a business card without your name and phone number on it?


Sounds like a silly question, of course you wouldn’t. So, why are you doing the same thing when it comes to the internet? My experience has shown that the majority of businesses are missing key components of their digital footprint such as Hours, Phone Numbers, Contact Info, Links, and missing Social Profiles. Have you ever clicked on a business’ link to Facebook only to find an empty page? Why do you have a link to Houzz or Pintrest on your website if you don’t actually have any of those pages?

One of the first steps we undertake when optimizing a customer’s website or online presence is to do a thorough evaluation of where we are starting from. This process includes many layers of investigation and research of the digital footprint. This goes well beyond the website code and keywords already in use. We dig deeper into what is the current situation and the most pressing issues.

It is amazing how often we find basic information missing from websites and online listings such as a phone number! Dig a little deeper and we see that many link buttons are not filled out or do not work altogether. Click on a website’s Google+ button and you are taken to a blank page or a listing that has never been claimed. What do you think this says about your business to potential customers?

This information is commonly referred to as N.A.P.; Name, Address, and Phone Number. By leaving off this basic information you are essentially handing out a business card with no phone number or missing contact information.

My inspiration for this post came from my own personal experience earlier today. I was looking up a local company to have some work done. The first thing I always do is check out their website, then Google Listing, and usually Facebook. If these look empty or unkempt, have bad reviews, or have missing info, I start looking for other companies. Needless to say, it took three attempts before I found a company.

The issue of missing N.A.P information goes even deeper than you may realize. Not only are customers turned off, the search engines are also! Remember, search engine algorithms are closely based on how people interact with the internet and your website. Your site can lose credibility with both Google and Bing for having missing information that they deem necessary.

The first step in correcting this starts with your website. It can be an overwhelming process, but break it down into manageable steps. Take care of the basics first, such as your homepage and contact page, then move on from there. Double check all your webpages for missing info and links. Once your website is 100%, you can move onto social media profiles, business listings, then referral websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and other local sites.

I leave you with these parting thoughts. Your website is an extension of you, your business, and what you represent. Think of your website as part of your sales team. Make sure your website leaves a lasting impression of being credible and accountable.

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