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As I write this, it’s almost 2016……and many small business and local contractors in the Hilton Head – Bluffton area don’t have a website! How do I know? This post was inspired just this afternoon when I saw a local roofing company’s work van driving around. I am always on the hunt for new clients and since I specialize in local service companies, I thought I would look up this roofing company and check out their website.

Of course you know what I found, no website and a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in almost 4 years. What does this say about this company? Do they want to be taken serious? Are they reliable? Simple fact, if you haven’t taken the time for even a basic website, customers will not think you are professional.

Is this what customers think of you?

Having a website is just the basics in business today, it’s the equivalent of having your business license. The statistics speak for themselves, more than 73% of all customers google a local business or contractor before calling or visiting. What happens when a potential customer tries to Google your company?

Many people today do not write down phone numbers. They just remember a business name, then when they need to call, they Google who they were looking for. A potential customer might have intended to call you, but when they searched online, they only found your competitors.

Potential customers want to know a little bit about your company before they will call you. They want to read a few reviews, see some pictures of your work, and even be able to see your staff. Having a website if the first step in giving a good impression and winning more customers.

With the technology available today, customers are making decisions about you company in a matter of seconds. Attention spans have dropped and you only have a few short moments to capture a customer’s interest. Having a well-designed and easy to navigate website is a necessity.

By the fact you are reading this, you probably know you need to upgrade your website, or at the very least get started on having one. You will be happy to know having a professional and mobile optimized website is actually very affordable today. Coastal Marketing Strategies focuses on web design and search optimization for local and small business. Working with painters, contractors, tradesman, and service business is our specialty.

We can guide you start to finish on a website design, make sure it is optimized for Google and Bing, and help you create an online presence that will give your customers a good first impression and help grow your business.

Whether you want to start with a small basic site and grow, or you know you need to dominate your local market in your field of expertise, Coastal Marketing Strategies can help you. We understand the special needs of local service business and demands you require. Let us help build and grow your brand.

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